Virtual Himley Concours 2020 – Results

Due to Covid-19 lockdown our normal Himley Hall show could not take place… so we moved it on-line instead to our social media channels with the main competition on our Facebook page. Visitors were invited to ‘like’ their favourite Mini in 7 classes. Many were sharing amongst friends and all in all it was great fun. With Dave Macdiarmid telling us ‘ Congratulations to you all, and a big thank you to the BMC for a great bit of fun this weekend’

Here we go.. results are in for our first ever Virtual Himley Concours. An incredible 115 Mini’s of all ages entered an incredible 4905 votes were cast over the weekend. Many thanks to everyone for taking part today and enjoying the fun of sharing across social media.

Classic Mini 1960’s
1st James Hunt 182 votes
2nd Kevin Webb 125 votes
3rd Alastair Gray 106 votes

Classic Mini 1970’s
1st Harry Elshaw 107 votes
2nd Matt Saturley 76 votes
3rd Robert Donnelly 49 votes

Classic Mini 1980’s
1st Andy and Corinne 158 votes
2nd Kate Medcroft 143 votes
3rd James Conner 49 votes

Classic Mini’s 1990’s
1st Gareth Brickley 209 votes
2nd Richard Gill 163 votes
3rd Bob Holt 51 votes

Modern MINI Gen 1

1st Steve Moore 466 votes
2nd Andrew Dickson 382 votes
3rd David Morton 190 votes

Modern MINI Gen 2
1st Paul Reynolds 211 votes
2nd Malcolm Dyke 59 votes
3rd Mike Baker 34 votes and Steve Moore 34 votes

Modern MINI Gen 3
1st Nathan Hewitt 122 votes
2nd Molly Dunn 43 votes
3rd Danielle Lewis 38 votes and Ryan Biggs 38 votes

A big THANK YOU to everyone for taking part and we hope it made up for not being able to go to Himley today. We certainly enjoyed running it for you. British Mini Club leader Dave Hollis said on Facebook ‘ Massive thank you for all the Minis that entered our Online Himley concours. We hope to see our Mini family at one of our events soon. Keep safe everyone’

Comments on facebook included these:

Corinne Doust said ‘ Andy and I are over the moon with first in the 1980s!!!
Thanks for some great entertainment in these rubbish times! ‘ Corinne also promised to print and frame the results. That comment made our day.

David Morton ‘ FANTASTIC FUN !!!…. Many thanks for organising 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆Well done to all that entered.

Ryan Rippard ‘  It was great and some lovely cars too, congratulations to all of the winners, thank you to the BMC for their work, well done. ‘

Concours Cooper S ‘ Some nice MINI/Minis on display everyone and thank you BMC 👌 ‘

Simon Alcock ‘ Great idea and some cracking Minis to choose from ! Congratulations to all the entries everyone is a winner ! Special shout out to fellow Empire guys Steve Moore and Malcolm Dyke

Nathan Hewitt ‘ Thanks to all of the team what a great idea this was. Top job people👍 ‘

We enjoyed every minute of bringing a virtual concours to everyone and hope you all enjoyed the fun. We will see you very soon and thank you to everyone for taking part.

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