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Owning and driving a Classic Mini gives you a great experience of driving one of the all time great cars in history. We see a steady increase in values each year making the Mini a wise investment. It’s a car that anyone can own because of it’s small size and is just so easy and fun to drive. Plus it fits into the tightest of spaces.

We recommend that you get your Mini valued, the British Mini Club can provide you with a valuation certificate that is recognised by most leading insurance companies. All the images shown are examples of exactly how we would prefer your images to be.

For a Valuation

You’ll need:

• A selection of good quality images (1mb each or higher) from around the car:- front, rear, both sides, interior and engine bay. Just like the photos below.


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• A copy of the vehicle registration document (V5) and a copy of current MOT.

• Copies of any receipts for major work that has been carried out. Along with a brief history of your Mini.

Valuations cost £15.00 for BMC Members 
Payment by Credit/Debit Card.

Email all of the above to [email protected]

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