See The Autocar Press Mini 667 GFC At Mini Fair 2018

The 1959 Mini Register have a very rare and unique 1959 Mini on display at the British Mini Club’s Mini Fair on the 28th January at Bingley Hall, Staffordshire Showground.


This Mini is unique because it was used as the BMC / Autocar Press car and did the ‘Around The Med’ press run in 1959. The Mini currently resides in Japan but is in the UK for some restoration work and the company looking after it have agreed to bring it along to Mini Fair for us all to see. The Mini is due to return to it’s Japanese owner in the spring so this may be your only chance to see it.

The Autocar Press Mini was driven around the Med in 1959 taking in Tunisia, a boat trip from Beirut to Alexandria flying to Algeria and driven to Morocco. Quite an adventure and Mini proved it’s worth . We wonder if this journey could be made today in the same way.

Come along to Mini Fair to view this incredible Mini. Full details at

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