Mini Fest At Stanford Hall 2021- Results

A MASSIVE well done to Sara and David MacDiarmid winning Mini of the Show in the Meguiars sponsored Concours at the British Mini Club’s Mini Fest at Stanford Hall. They also won the 90’s Class and Best Presented. What a brilliant day.

They now go onto the Mequiars Finals at this years NEC Classic Motor Show in November. 

Well Done and well deserved, we look forward to seeing you at the NEC.

Some beautiful Mini’s in Concours from 1959 to present day. It was lovely to see the 1960’s and Cooper & S Mini’s on display on the circle directly in front of the hall helping to celebrate 60 years of the Mini Cooper S. Plus brothers Liam and Ryan Rippard with there lovely MK1 Mini, which is a joy to see. Amy Lovell had only just finished her stunning Rover Mini and did you see the unique sparkle roof. What about the rally prepared Rover Mini. That was a beautiful Mini and certainly took our eye. Check out all the images on our Facebook page.

It was really good to see some different MINI’s taking part in the Modern MINI concours. Some dipping their toes into concours for the very first first time, and they have promised to come back as well. Our Chief Concours Judge Fiona Mannion decided to judge this class, and she was of course very thorough in her job. This lead to John Kinman finally, after 5 years of trying, winning his class to put him on the red carpet of the Premier Concours Final at Mini Fair in January with his stunning R55 Clubman. Also Trevor Robinson with his JCW making it to the red carpet after 7 years. A shoutout to Jack Whitehurst with his Cooper S taking best paint at the first time of asking. We know how hard he worked to get the paint looking incredible.

Well done to every one. You are all winners in our eyes.

We could not believe the quality of all the Mini’s in Show N Shine, designed to be a more relaxing day without the pressure of concours. So many beautiful Mini’s especially the 60’s. They all attracted the crowds all day long and quite rightly so. Some quality builds that had only just been finished and did you see the Mini estate that had been married with a Matra Simca, that was an incredible piece of engineering. Our concours judges also judged the Show N Shine and they all said it was a tough task. Well done to all of you for putting on a wonderful display.

What about the club stands. They were wonderful with some taking part in out theme of Cops and Robbers, won by The Family Friendly Car Club, they really got into spirit of the theme with an amazing display amongst the tress of Stanford Hall. Skid Marks MOC deserve a mention as well as their stand was a very close 2nd. Also a we have to say a massive THANK YOU to the R53 Owners Club and Northants Mini Owners Club who had well over 100 Mini’s between. Looked superb as well. Can any club have more next year?

The Live Arena was great fun with Aaron Brown taking first place for Rustiest Mini. Have you ever seen a dashboard made from Lego? Brilliant stuff. Plus Gavin with his Estate using wood to keep the side windows in place as they keep falling out when he goes around islands!! 

Loudest Exhaust was crazy ranging from Rover Mini’s right up to the latest JCW’s with most being even louder this year with plenty of pops and bangs and ranging from 88db right up to 117db, and loads of fumes and earache for judge Stu Mander as he forgot his ear defenders!  However.. the winner was Gavin Wilkinson with his side piped rustiest Mini. It was that loud that it destroyed our decibel meter and many ear drums as well. Don’t think we would like to be his neighbour!!

We only had one entrant in Loudest ICE in the Live Arena, but that was all we needed. Hypr with his stunning R53 with air ride and blacked out rear windows. Nothing special the large crowd thought.. Hypr plugged in his tunes which started quietly. Dave Hollis on the microphone saying ‘It’s a bit quiet’ Then all of a sudden a sonic boom of bass took over. Oh my goodness you could feel the vibrations beneath your feet, and the windows were rattling in our mobile PA unit some 40 yards away. We believe that’s the loudest ever at Stanford Hall.

Loudest Horn was a bit of fun with Luke taking the trophy home. Not too loud but loud enough to win. 

Great fun in the arena with massive thanks to everyone taking part and the crowds for joining in along with Dave and Danny on the microphones with plenty of great banter between them both.

Mini Fest Results 2021


Classic Mini 1959-69

1st James Hunt 157 AYP 185pts

2nd Ian Whitticase 287 MOX 177pts

3rd Lee Stenson 1958 UN 137pts

Classic Mini 1970-79

1st Liam and Ryan Rippard RWN 246S 195pts

Classic Mini 1980-89

1st Richard Sutton G160 NRB 167pts

2nd James Conner G339 POD 166pts

3rd James Farren-Edwards G292 NEA 159pts

Classic Mini 1990-2000

1st Sara MacDiarmid BJ51 OOG 191pts

2nd Oliver Bryant V4 OTH 184pts

3rd Amy Lovell L460 XWP 171pts

Mini Van and Pick Up

1st Paul Moran TTR 764T 180pts

2nd John Porter NNB 269G 156pts

Modified and Custom Mini

1st Jake Willis CUJ 647T 178pts

2nd Mark Leary M12 MMG 160pts

3rd Paul Dawson XVY 312R 155pts

Classic Cooper and S

1st Tim Ward YVH 850 190pts

2nd Paul Slater VKA 290H 188pts

3rd Barry Chipman UTA 707J 178pts

MINI 2001-2009. 

1st Trevor Robinson DU52 CRX 194pts

2nd Sid Mason SYD 488M 150pts

MINI 2010 onwards

1st John Kinman MY55 JON 193pts

2nd Julia Robinson VU63 PFG 182pts

3rd Jack Whitehurst JW03 JET 173pts

Best Of Section

Best Paint Jack JW03 JET

Best Engine 287 MOX

Best Interior E12 MMG

Best Presented BJ51 OOG

Best Mini In Show 

Sara and David MacDiarmid BJ51 OOG

Show N Shine

Mini 1960’s

1st OGT 419E 2nd 405 LXJ

Mini 1970’s

1st ULG 419E 2nd JCG 929N

Mini 1980’s

1st F741 SJO 2nd EUV 41W

Mini 1990’s

1st Mario 2nd W5 FLX

Modern MINI

1st MP05 BEE 2nd STRIPES 

Best Club Stands. 

Theme Cops and Robbers

1st The Family Friendly Car Club

2nd Skid Marks Mini Owners Club

3rd Midlands Mini Club

Live Arena Loudest Exhaust

1st Gavin BOM 608C So loud it broke the decibel meter!!

2nd Matt FGK 485T 117.4db

Live Arena Rusty Mini

1st Aaron Brown  G50 UUT

2nd Gavin Wilkinson BOM 608C

Live Arena Loudest Horn

1st Luke WUM 288W

Live Arena Loudest ICE

1st Hyper R50 WUT 

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