Himley Hall Premier Conours and Valuations

Himley Hall concours event where your prestigious Mini can be displayed and judged. Judges examine the vehicle thoroughly. They rate each and every component. Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.
Often, the competitiveness of a Concours competition forces restoration of a vehicle to surpass “mint” condition. The general aim of concours is to present a vehicle that is in the same, or better, condition than it was in when it left the production line.
Often, Concours quality cars are not intended to be used as daily drivers. The vehicle needs to be maintained and cleaned constantly to keep a flawless appearance while on display.
However, all this hard work can pay off, as good concours results can seriously increase the value of your ‘Pride and Joy’.
We recommend that you get your Mini valued, the British Mini Club can provide you with a valuation certificate that is recognised by most leading insurance companies. Members certificates are £10 see our official website for more details. www.britishminiclub.co.uk

Himley Hall takes place on Sunday 13th May

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