Himley Hall 2018 Show Results

Himley Hall together with sunshine is starting to become a regular thing nowadays. A beautiful day saw a very large turnout in Premier Concours and Show N Shine at the British Mini Clubs annual show at Himley Hall with over 100 Mini’s entered of all ages. It’s always good to see as it means the Mini scene for both modern and classic is as strong as ever. The overall winner of Best Mini In Show was Ian Whitticase and Diane Issac with the top drawer Morris Mini 287 MOX that has a retro look. If you have not seen this Mini please take the time to have a look when you get chance. It’s one of the best in the scene at the moment.

All class winners received a pack from sponsors Autoglym and now go forward to the Premier Final at Mini Fair in 2019


A fabulous display by many Mini club’s, although we didn’t set a theme for this show it was great to see a top effort from all involved. it’s always good to wander around and see them all enjoying the sun and each others company.


We also made a special presentation of furthest travelled to Inge Polman who had joined us all the way from the Netherlands in her Classic Mini



Concours Results


Classic Mini 1959-1969


1st Ian Whitticase / Diane Issac 287 MOX 181 pts

2nd Rhys Llewellyn ESV 679 128 pts


Classic Mini 1970-1979


1st Mike Brickles BAA 290H 182 pts

2nd Katie Wear LAW 306P 179 pts

Classic Mini 1980-1989


1st Jack Cookson YDM 343W 184 pts

2nd James Edwards G292 NED 165.5 pts

3rd Tony Hughes G495 BUY 119 pts


Classic Mini 1990-2000


1st Bob Holt K700 RNH 188 pts

2nd Dan Ingles V774 ELM 185 pts

3rd Lee Roberts E13 LAR 184 pts


Mini Clubman  All Marques


1st Sandra Britton DYC 559J 199 pts

2nd Paul Billingham WTR 995J 197 pts

3rd Tim Burr TWB 6Y 191 pts




1st Mark Healey HRC 709N 142 pts


Modified and Custom Mini


1st Mark O’Neill MLG 692H 197 pts

2nd Liam Edwards N666 EDW 191 pts

3rd Mark Harden B397 UCD 184 pts


Cooper and Cooper S


1st Alan Slater KCP 34G 175 pts

2nd Paul Slater GUY 492J 170 pts

3rd David Ashton EDP 505C 158 pts


MINI 2001-2006


1st Syd Mason SYD 458M 191 pts

2nd Lucy Wear LW51 MCS 190 pts

3rd Steve Moore W44 RKS 181 pts


MINI 2007


1st Nick Hinton W44 NJH 188 pts

2nd Nathan Hewitt YJ65 ZBN 187 pts

3rd Jack Cookson W321 JDC 183 pts


Best Of Section


Best Paint N666 EDW

Best Engine B397 JCD

Best Interior 287 MOX

Best Presented WTR 995J


Show N Shine


Classic Mini


1st BRO 267B

2nd X581 FKK


Modern MINI


1st MY55 JON

2nd VU63 PFG


Best Mini In Show


297 MOX


Generation 1 MINI Display


1st HV 51 PRZ

2nd R50 DYK


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