British Mini Day 2024 – Himley Hall Results

AMassive congratulations to Alex Miller on his haul of 3 trophies at our British Mini Day today including 1st in class, Best Interior and Best Mini Of The Day with his stunning R53 MINI Cooper S. With wide arches, unique water cooled Supercharger, air ride and a stunning interior. 

A quite emotional Alex told us it was only the second time he had entered his MINI in a show. His R53 is a credit to the time he has spent on it. Well Done Alex. 

Also a big thank you to everyone for taking part in Premier Concours and Show N Shine. We counted over 300 classic and modern Mini’s in the competition. Thank you for your amazing support

A red hot mid summer day at our British Mini Day at Himley Hall saw a red hot turn out of Mini’s of all ages and styles making quite a spectacular sight on the showground arena. With a full Concours and Show N Shine area plus a stunning display by 31 Mini Clubs. All to continue the celebrations of the 65th Birthday of the Mini that we all know and love.

It was so good to see so many classic Mini’s on show with some displaying a rally pedigree. All sparkling in the sunshine. From early 59 Morris Mini’s and many special editions as well, these are getting so rare now. We know our judges in Show N Shine really enjoyed taking the time and chatting to owners. One Mini  in the 80’s class suffered an accident a while ago and the owner has rebuilt it exactly back to original including the black bumpers. It’s nice to see an original looking Mini.

We love a modern MINI and it is always good to see a superb turnout. Bearing in mind if you look at the MINI Y-Register stand some are now close to quarter of a century old. It was good to see visitors from Germany in there MINI. Did you see the latest MINI’s on the Sytner MINI stand. 

The quality of the 31 clubs stands just took our breath away. They were so good. A mixture of old and new on the stands made for a lovely mix. Our judges could not resist giving the top award to Mini Girls UK, they just brought so much colour to the stand and a crazy display of fake cakes to celebrate Mini 65. Well done all the clubs and thank you for your amazing support as always 

British Mini Day – Himley Hall 2024 Results

Mini Concours Results

Classic Mini 1960’s Judge : Dave Webb

1st Place Mark O’Neil MLG 692H

2nd Place Steve Marsh NKT 100F

3rd Place Phil Harper HPH 322c

Classic Mini 1970’s : Judge Daz Hopkins 

1st. Place Glynn Woodbridge TUT 88J

2nd Place Liam and Ryan Rippard RWN 246S

3rd David Shepherd-Jones WTR 995J

Classic Mini 1980’s : Judge Oli Bryant

1st Place James and Farren Edwards G292 NEA

2nd Place Tony Hughes G459 BUY

3rd Place Simon Morris B871 KSF

Classic Mini 1990’s : Judge Wayne Brownhill

1st Place Sandra Gregory J24 PVR

2nd Place Oliver Bryant V4 OTH

3rd Tom Martin R601 MAB

MINI 2001 – 2009 : Judge Steve Moore and Chris Simpson

1st Place Alex Miller RR53 TVS

2nd Place Sammie Watts S17 AOK

MINI 2010 Onwards : Judge Steve Moore and Chris Simpson

1st Place Alan Walker PX10 XJH

2nd Place Kieran Davidson K13 KDV

Best Mini In Show 

Alex Miller – MINI R53 RR53 TVS

Special Awards

Best Paint Tom Martin R601 MAB

Best Interior Alex Miller RR53 TVS

Best Engine Bay Liam and Ryan Rippard  RWN 246S

Best Presented Mark O’Neil MLG 692H

Mini Show N Shine Results

Classic Mini 1960’s 

1st Place PYR 994F

2nd Place PFO 387

Classic Mini 1970’s

1st Place HRL 151L

2nd Place UTT 517J

Classic Mini 1980’s

1st Place MRV 545Y

2nd Place KOX 471W

Classic Mini 1990’s

1st Place W5 FLX

2nd Place 546 FJB

Modern MINI 

1st Place MC03 DXB 

2nd Place 613 DYK

Best Club Stand : Theme: Mini 65 

1st Place Mini Girls UK

2nd Place Cambridge Mini Club

3rd Mini Maniacs

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