Mini And VW Bus Meet 2017 – Results

Well what a cracking weekend that was, great fun and nice and relaxing as well. A perfect old school style meet. Where everyone can have a great evening and then chill out on the Sunday by relaxing in the Show N Shine showing of their VW Bus and Mini.

We had many comments about how good the Show N Shine is because it’s self judging. We provide no judges, all the entrants are invited to go round and choose the favourites in each class.These votes are then added up and winners awarded trophies. International renowned tattoo artist Simon Cooke, who won with his superb T25, told us self judging is a fantastic idea and so chilled out, all shows should do the same.

It’s a great idea as it gives people the chance to look around vehicles they possibly wouldn’t normally look at.

Below are all the results from a great weekend and thank you everyone for helping the meet to such a success.

BMC Mini and VW Bus Meet Show and Shine Results


Mini 1960’s

1st LUX 824F 2nd 285F

Mini 1970’s

1st CDC 387T 2nd MYP 447L

Mini 1980’s

1st F321 TVH 2nd RVW 876W

Mini 1990’s

1st M878 JUT 2nd P5 KRX

Modern MINI

1st 1 KUY 2nd OV52 ZPV


VW Bus Results

VW Type 1

1st 384 YUK 2nd HDV 585D

VW Type 2

1st TDO 984K 2nd SRD 366H

VW T25

1st JBP 419X 2nd A582 EGY


1st W839 EOP 2nd J2 NBJ


1st D45 KEW 2nd T55 BLT


1st C4 RTH 2nd SC55 BUS

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