Mini Fest 2015 – Results

What a great day that was. With Christina Moran winning Best Mini/MINI Of The Day and a cheque for £250. Her recently restored Mini Cooper S Downton really is stunning. Although when they purchased the very rough Mini it still had all the Downton items. Most had to restored or part remanufactured. Though the Downton did have it easy to win the coveted prize. Steve Moore with his remarkable GP ran her a very close second. We had quite a long debate amongst ourselves as to who to choose from the class winners. Eventually we had to call on one of our Premier judges to go and have another look around both of the cars. They were literally seperated by the condition of one bolt head. It really was that close.


Well done to everyone involved the competition moves up a level every single show. How good was it to see an quite rare in the UK Australian spec Mini Clubman S, The Aussies certainly had far better interior trim the models available in the UK. Though it does make it harder to source as well. What about those two GP2 girls Helen Granger and Sarah Wixon. Both MINI’s are top quality and very soon they will win the class and get through to the red carpet. Then the gloves will be off! Remember all class winners go through to the Premier Final at Mini Fair 2 at Stonleigh on October 18th.


Show N Shine was excellent this year with more Mini’s entered. We also moved them from the grandstand area into the main show area, which looked far better. Everyone looked to be enjoying themselves and enjoyed voting for a winner. This will certainly be a regular part of future British Mini Clubs events.


Did you enjoy the live arena? We certanly did it was great fun with so much interaction from the crowd. Highlight of the arena was possibly the loudest exhaust, That was great fun with both Men and ladies getting very involved. Starting with 110db from a very tasty MINI Cooper S right up to 126db from a Honda powered Mini from Mansfield. Even a young 14 year old was taking part in his very own Mini. Fantastic to see the younger element enjoying the Mini.

With a 17yr old and a stuning Sportspack Mini entering loudest horn with Colonel Bogey being beaten by a cow horn! great fun. The ICE was a close run thing. With the owner of the Red Sportspack saying the Mini next to him would win as he had more power. Er no he didn’t. But he certainly gave it a good go.


Mini Fest 2015 – Results

Live Arena


Mini Sound Off – ICE

1st J30 CKO 101.6db
2nd NWN 628Y 88.9db
3rd M869 OOX 88.6db


Mini Sound Off – Loudest Exhaust

1st C123 YKK 126.1db
2nd KCK 71F 123.0db
3rd K3 GAN 122.8db


Loudest Horn

1st X161 BCJ
2nd XLG 220J


Rustiest Mini

1st C789 HGJ
2nd NWN 628Y


Premier Concours Results


Mini/MINI Of The Day

Christina Moran LCJ 764F Mini Cooper S Downton


Classic Mini 1959 – 1969

1st: Sandra Britton PAE 360F 195pts
2nd: Alan Wilson ATW 497A 180ptd


Classic Mini 1970 – 1979

1st: Eric Madeley ACA 224W 189pts
2nd: Jeremy Robinson JNB 377W 186pts
3rd: Nathan Badger LDU 134T 184pts


Classic Mini 1980 – 1989

1st: James Connor G339 POD 192pts
2nd: Clare Killen D234 OOP 135pts


Classic Mini 1990 – 2000

1st: Paul Dawson C13 PAD 195pts
2nd: Francessca Deveraux Billington J19 FAM 189pts
3rd: Tracey Lippett M821 CLW 183pts


Mini Clubman All Marques

1st: Alan Slater TAK 489J 195pts
2nd: John Porter FCA 125S 191pts
3rd: Clayton Smith SKG 66T 184pts


Van – Pickup

1st: Michelle Pizzey OEG 616X 195pts
2nd: David Bowens LAW 446W 193pts
3rd: Damien Wooton ATD 633E 190pts



No Entrants


Modified and Custom Mini

1st: Wayne Brownhill X465 CDT 198pts
2nd: Gary Parker J322 MTN 190pts
3rd: Keith Brownsell ANM 207C 186pts


Mini Cooper and S

1st: Christina Moran LCJ 764F 196pts
2nd: Paul Slater KCP 34G 195pts
3rd: Judy Wetherall NBM 46E 192pts


MINI 2001 – 2006

1st: Steve Moore H4 YGP 192pts
2nd: Julia Robinson DU52 CRX 189pts
3rd: Sid Mason SYD 488M 178pts


MINI 2007 Onwards

1st: Stacey Reed YK57 OKG 195pts
2nd: Helen Granger YF62 NYK 192pts
3rd: Sarah Wixon RJ62 GRF 191pts


Best Of Section

Best Paint ANH 207C
Best Engine C13 PAD
Best Interior M510 UME
Best Presented H4 YGP


Best Club Stand

1st Midlands Mini Club
2nd: Wirral Mini’s
3rd: Mini 500 Register
Show N Shine

1st: MYP 447L
2nd: XLG 220J

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