Mini Fair 2016 – Show Results

An excellent Pride Of Ownership at the British Mini Clubs 17th Mini Fair. Held at Bingley Hall near Stafford on the 31st January 2016. The show area was packed with quality classic and modern Mini’s right from 1959 to present day. Pride Of Ownership is not always about the Mini but also the owner as well.


The club stands on the balcony were great fun as well, with massive efforts from all clubs. With the recent release of the Star Wars film the British Mini Club decided to go with the Star Wars theme for the clubs as well. Midlands Mini Club just scrapped home to celebrate another win. Maybe it was the costumes that won it.


Victoria Giggs won the coveted Mini Of The Day with her wonderful Cherry Red 1980’s Cherry red Mini. The first time we have seen her Mini at a British Mini Club event, She only joined at the NEC Classic Car Show on November and we mentioned how she might like to bring her Mini along to Mini Fair. Who would have thought this would have ended in winning Mini Of The Day.



All the results are below along with a gallery of images.


Mini Fair 2016 Pride Of Ownership Results


Classic Mini 1960’s

1st Place: Sandra Britton  PAE 360F

2nd Place: Judy Weatherall NBU 46E


Classic Mini’ 1970’s

1st Place: Nathan Badger LDM 134T

2nd Place: Sandra Britton DYC 559C


Classic Mini 1980’s

1st Place: Victoria Giggs EMK 26V

2nd Place: James Connor G189 POD


Classic Mini 1990’s

1st Place: Stephen Butler H297 XBV

2nd Place: Ruth Austin J146 MBW



1st Place: Stacey Reed YK57 OKG

2nd Place: Helen Granger YF62 NYK


Best Modified and Custom Mini

1st Place: Jon Haughton F165 FTU

2nd Place: Danny Hobson


Best Mini Of The Show

Victoria Giggs


Best Club Stand

1st Place: Midlands Mini Club

2nd Place: Stoke Orange Boxes

3rdPlace: Robin Hood Mini’s

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