Mini Fair 2015 – Results

A very sucessfull Mini Fair 2015 again saw a top quality Pride Of Ownership, and superb display’s by Mini Clubs using ‘London’ as the theme. I was sent out by our Head Judge to try and decide a winning Mini from the Pride Of Ownership and the Simply Redz display. At one point I had narrowed it down to 10 choices! Was it the Paul Smith Mini with the Mini trailer that included a sink and a hob! Maybe the Mini-Busa or Mollie the MINI, Luke Billings stunning creation or the Moke in the Simply Redz. Mind you the incredible wide arched Clubman Estate with an MX5 underneath wasclose as well. However Pride Of Ownership is not just about the car we all love but the owner as well. We just thought Malcolm Huxley with his superb yellow Rally Mini. Malcolm is so enthusiastic about his Mini and of course it is a Corgi model as well. The details on the Mini is just amazing. What came first the model or the Mini?


The Pride Of Ownership was again sponsored by Branson Automotive who presented all the class winners with an Auto Glym pack and a cheque for £100 from the BMC.


As always the various Mini Clubs put on an wonderful display using  London as the theme. Where they get the ideas from is incredible. With the Abbey Road crossing and the London Eye making an appearnce, plus various people dressed as Big Ben, a Post Box, Telephone Box, Beefeaters and more the whole thing was taken in very good spirit and great fun. If you ever wondered how the Mini would look in the London Underground this was the place to be. Well done to all who entered. The winners are listed below.


Massive thankyou to everyone for taking part every single Mini, MINI and club stand looked fantastic.


Please enjoy the images below, taken by our web team and Becky Mannion


Classic Mini 1960’s

1st Place: Mark Swift 650 UDH

2nd Place: Damian Wooton ATD 366E


Classic Mini 1970’s

1st Place: Michael Brickles BPA 290H

2nd Place: J Robinson JNB 377N


Classic Mini 1980’s

1st Place: Lee Billing F415 DDA

2nd Place: James Connor G339 POD


Classic Mini 1990’s

1st  Place: Paul Taylor K15 POO

2nd Place: Martin Wixon X174URC



1st Place: Sarah Wixon DV61 LVD

2nd Place: Stacey Reed YK57 OKG


Simply Redz

1st Place: Alex Leigh 4477 AL

2nd Place: Samantha Shaugnessy KD56 UTR


Best Mini Of The Show

Malcolm Huxley Q290 HBV


Best Club Stand

1st Place: Midlands Mini Club

2nd Place: Birminghan Mini Owners Club

3rd Place: Crewes Missiles

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