Italian Job 50 Years With Art By Bex


‘Hang on a minute, lads; I’ve got great idea’…………

Well known and very much respected motoring artist Art by Bex, has created Exclusive Artwork celebrating 50 years of The Italian Job with the stunt drivers that appeared in the original 1969 Italian Job film! Her artwork is incredible and very detailed and deserves a place in Mini history..

The Mini car stunts in the Italian Job were ground breaking at the time
and all orchestrated by the ‘best in the business’, French ‘Star’ Rémy Julienne.
The stunt drivers made these Coopers ‘fly’ around back streets of Turin, through the shopping arcades, down the Cathedral steps, through sewers, across the weir and leaping off the tops on the buildings.
NO safety nets in 1969. These drivers had to get it right first time. Phew……….living on a prayer!

Those fearless stunt drivers created the most memorable, daring death-defying car choreography ever seen at the cinema –
Bex has captured these exciting scenes within her Italian Job Legendary Anniversary Collection

Remy Juliene with Art By Bex

Each individual art print has been personally signed by ‘King of Stunts’ Rémy Julienne, David Salamone, who played Dominic the Red Mini Driver and John Morris, who played Michael Caine’s Stunt Double.

Only 50, YES just 50 artworks, have been created and individually numbered. Each comes with it’s own certificate of authenticity to ensure absolute exclusivity.

As featured on the front cover of Mini World Magazine, Bex has also created other exclusive Mini Artworks, signed by the Movie Director’s wife Hazel Collinson and John Michael Cooper– as without the Mini Cooper- it wouldn’t be The Italian Job we all know and love today!

Mike Cooper with Art by Bex
Mini World front cover

’Hang on a minute, lads; I’ve got one to hang on my wall’…

Bex has put her heart and soul into creating the ultimate Italian Job Art Collection for the 50th Anniversary.
Bex even took the time to travel all the way to Paris with her artwork to meet with Rémy personally at his home.
Rémy couldn’t believed she had travelled to France just to meet him with her collectable artwork-
What an honor to meet this ‘dare devil’ professional, who is almost 90 years of age!

‘Not a lot of people know that’…

Do you remember the scene in the film?

Once the lads have the gold, they jumped into the Ford Thames Trader minibus singing, “This is the self preservation society,”
you know the ‘sing along’ words, as we all do.
Michael Caine or to be exact, Charlie Croker then shouted at them “Get out of Turin on the double Lads and head for the alps!”

To complete her Italian Job Art Collection, Bex has created this very Exclusive Limited Edition Artwork of the “Self-Preservation Mini Bus” complete with all the football memorabilia, just as you would have seen it in the film.

Better still, each of these bespoke 69 prints has been personally signed by :-
Colin Bell MBE, widely regarded as one of Manchester City’s finest players, and England.
Sir Geoff Hurst MBE who remains the only footballer to ever score a hat trick in a World Cup Final. Yes England did win the World Cup thanks to Sir Geoff Hurst.

Sir Geoff Hurst with Art By Bex
England Bus artwork

This artwork celebrates both the 50th anniversary of the Italian Job, together with the 1960’s glory years of the England Team.
Want to know more about this exclusive art collection by Bex?

Please contact Bex personally by emailing her at [email protected] or visit her website

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