Himley Hall 2015 – Results

What a fantastic time at the British Mini Day at Himley Hall , good weather, big crowds and and a superb display of Mini’s of all shapes and sizes in Premier Concours Round 1 and Show N Shine. Massive congratulations to Alan Slater and his top quality Mini Clubman 1275GT TAK 489J which won ‘Mini Of The Day’ with a cheque for £250 and a trophy along with his class winning trophy.  Although, Alan did not have it easy, as Steve Moores GP was also a contender, the judge looked at both cars three times, he could only split them with a stone chip. This shows how serious the entrants and our judges take Premier Concours. The UK’s leading concours competition for all Mini’s. All class winners go forward to the Premier Concours Final at Mini Fair 2 18th October. There is a second chance to qualify for the final, you need to win your class at MiniFest on 6th September.


We have to give a special mention to 12 year old Josh from Shrewsbury, you may remember he won his Mini 35 in the raffle at Mini Fair a couple of years ago. He brought it along to Himley concours and never stopped polishing all day long. He was awarded a special award of best paint which his Mini very much deserved.


Over 50 Mini’s entered our popular Show N Shine competition. The self judging worked very well with the majority of forms returned. This is certainly something we will continue at future events. Thank you to everyone for taking part making it a wonderful display.


As always clubs put a tremendous amount of effort into their displays, Midlands Mini Club managed another win although other clubs are getting close, however it does get disconcerting to see men in dresses. 🙂 it’s fantastic to see and very enjoyable fun.


Best Mini / MINI in show Alan Slater Mini Clubman 1275GT TAK 489J


Classic Mini 1959-1969

1st Dave Rippard 655 NHY 189pts
2nd Sandra Britton PAE 360F 188pts
3rd Dave Rippard 819 XUV


Classic Mini 1970-1979

1st Kevin Taylor JDX 562V 177pts
2nd Jeremy Robinson JNB 377N 163pts
3rd Debbie Ashton POD 995M 85pts


Classic Mini 1980-1989

1st Jack Cookson YDM 343W 197pts
2nd James Conner G339 POD 191pts


Classic Mini 1990-2000

1st Jackie Brown T40 PEB 197pts
2nd Julie Cairns L59 TBD 193pts
3rd Francesca Billington J19 FAM 189pts


Mini Clubman All Marques

1st Alan Slater TAK 489J 195pts
2nd Trina Roberts WBF 187S 194pts
3rd Jackie Burr TWB 6Y


Van – Pickup

1st Paul Moran TTR 764T 199pts
2nd David Bowers LAW 446W 187pts



Don Nunn SPK 220F 167pts


Modified and Custom Mini

1st Wayne Brownhill X465 CDT 199pts
2nd Andrew Burks 934 LHT 196pts
3rd Gary Parker J322 MTM 193pts


Classic and Cooper S

1st Ruth Webb LGF 830N 198pts
2nd Paul Slater KCP 34G 185pts
3rd Roy Bessant GCX 188C 182pts


New MINI 2001-2006

1st Steve Moore H4 YGP 192pts
2nd Julia Robinson DU52 CRX 190pts
3pts Dudley Sewell LD04 HTF 186pts
New MINI 2007-2014

1st Sarah Wixon DV61 LVO 193pts
2nd Helen Granger YF62 NYK 191pts
3rd Phil Keys C12 PJK 190pts


Show N Shine


Classic Mini

1st KDV 467F
2nd H18 WDG


Modern MINI

1st LK53 WHL
2nd LB11 CEX


Special Awards

Best Paint M510 UME

Best Engine 819 XUV

Best Presented J19 FAM

Best Interior LD04 HTF


Best Club Stand

1st Midlands Mini Club

2nd Tamworth Mini Maniacs

3rd Carry On Mini-ing

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