Art By Bex Celebrates 60 Mini Cooper Years

2021 see’s the Mini Cooper become 60 and top motoring artist Rebecca East, well known for her art celebrating iconic on cars on canvas, has created a new fine work in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Mini Cooper in collaboration with 4 Mini legends.

We all know the story of this icon. John Cooper took his idea to BMC Managing Director George Harriman and the rest is history, with track success beating the big cars, and of course winning the Monte Carlo Rally. The Classic Mini is still used today in many forms of motorsport.

Bex has collaborated with Mini legends ‘The Flying Finn’ Rauno Aaltonen, Timo Makkinen’s co-driver Paul Easter,
‘Smokin Rhodes’ John Rhodes the famous racing driver and the rally driver Brian Culcheth to celebrate the Mini Cooper within this Limited Edition Artwork.

4 mini legends

ONLY 60 artworks have been created!

Each artwork is hand signed by Mini Champions Aaltonen, Easter, Rhodes and Culcheth as well as Bex the Artist.
Also, each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed proving it’s place within the highly collectible Legendary Anniversary Collection created by Bex.

Artbybex 60th anniversary print

If you’d like to own one of these limited edition 60th Anniversary of the Mini Cooper Artworks, individually signed, authenticated and numbered.

Please feel free to get in contact with Bex via her website or search for ‘artbybex’ on all social media channels

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