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Monday, 30 January 2017 13:54

Mini Fair 2017 - Show Results

 A truly superb Pride Of Ownership at Mini Fair 2017 to start off the British Mini Clubs 25th year. With the biggest entry of modern MINI's and full Classic Mini classes, especially the 60's class. Pride Of Ownership is different to normal concours it's as much about the owners as well. Which makes it even harder to choose a winner as to be honest everyone is a winner.. The enthusiasm shown by you all is incredible.

Steve Moore was complimented by a visitor on our Facebook page  after the show. He quite happily allowed a 9 year old MINI GP fanatic to sit in the drivers seat of his immaculate multi prize winning GP. This made the lads day and his mum and dad turned to Facebook to express their appreciation by saying "My favourite of the whole fair. The guy who this is a delight, he allowed our nine year old to sit in the drivers seat, (something of a rarity) it made his day and ours! Thanks for the chat and advice"  This is absolutely what being in the Mini Family is all about. Without peolple like Steve and many others the Mini scene would be a lot poorer.

After much deliberation we were torn between the John Cooper Tribute Mini owned by Lee Roberts and the superb MK1 Mini saloon which is an ex Longbridge registered press car owned by Dianne Issac. The whole of the front mechanics had to replaced at the start of January and the engine was repainted in two pac paint. The owners told us they tested heat resistant paint and two pac on the wood burning stove they have. The heat resistant paint lasted 4 hours and the two pac is still in place.. 

In the end we just had to give the Mini of The Show trophy to Dianne Issac and her husband. The car is a credit to them both. But again you are all winners and a big thank you to everyone for helping make the British Mini Clubs 18th Mini Fair a massive success.

The club stands were fantastic as always with an Italian Job theme in honour of our chosen charity for the year .. The italian Job Run. Eventually we decided to award first to the Midland Mini Club but it was a close run thing.

To see many images of the Pride of Ownership Mini's and the club stands please visit  and check out the photo albums

Best Mini Of The Show Dianne Issac 287 MOX

Classic Mini 1960's

1st Place: Dianne Issac 287 MOX

2nd Place: Gary Cooper 615 XUV


Classic Mini 1970's

1st Place: Thomas Jordan MWV 503J

2nd Place: Vanessa Halford DYJ 642V


Classic Mini 1980's

1st Place: Ashley Rice F807 FYD

2nd Place: Stacey Hextall NJU 642W


Classic Mini 1990's

1st Place: Lee Roberts E13 LAR

2nd Place: Liam Badger N207 BOA



1st Place: Steve Moore H4 YGP

2nd Place: Julia Robinson DU52 CRX


Best Club Stand

1st Place: Midlands Mini Club

2nd Place: London and Surrey Mini Owners Club

3rd Place: Tamworth Misfits

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